Automotive Locksmith – How to Remove a Car Key Stuck in Ignition

Your day begins like just any other. You wake up early; think that getting up early is still a challenge. After a shower, you dress up and enjoy a quick breakfast. You come out of the front door, unlock your car and put your bag inside. Now you are set to begin your journey to work.

When the key enters the ignition, you immediately feel that something was not right.  You try to turn the key to start the car but in vain. You apply a little pressure to remove the key; but not anymore. You worry that the key will damage the ignition. However, you can call the auto locksmith for your rescue.

You can also visit their sites like and get an instant response. But before taking the help of an automotive locksmith, you can try a few things and if this fails, do not hesitate to ask for professional help. Read the post to learn what to do when your car keys got stuck in the ignition:

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You Do Not Have to Panic.

First of all, you do not need to panic. Is it easier said than done right? Sometimes, the truth is that we lose sight of things when we are frustrated or confused. Check for any damage to your surroundings, your car, or others.

You Should See Whether You Can Wiggle the Key Out Gently.

This should be your first instinct. But the main keyword to remember is "gently". Do not apply too much pressure on the contrary; it can result in broking your key. Therefore, half will come away in your hand and the other half remained stuck in the ignition.