Buyers Guide on Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Of all swimming pool heating methods, heat pumps are the most economical. In terms of effectiveness, they are efficient up to 700% when compared to electric, gas or oil heaters, which best achieves 98% efficiency.

How They Work

The latest generation swimming pool heat pumps can utilize heat free in the air in the same way as cooling and air conditioning technology. You can also purchase swimming pool heat pump online.

So they don't depend on solar energy – they take warmth from the air by compressing the gas which results in an increase in temperature heating the water as it passes through the exchanger.

Benefits of Pool Heat Pumps

Value for Money

Most heat pumps can provide up to 5 units of energy to the pond for every 1 unit paid. Even with outside temperatures at 10 degrees C, they will still provide 5 units of free energy for every 2 you pay.

Depending on your household's energy costs, a heat pump can save up to 80% of propane gas and 50% -70% of natural gas or electric resistant heaters. Needless to say, this means big savings


One of the main benefits of a heat pump compared to other pool heating methods is that it does not require complicated gas supply problems, oil tanks or chimneys as with other heating options. Their main power supply will only operate from a small capacity electric unit.