Chemotherapy Drug Taxotere and Taxotere Lawsuit

Breast cancer victims are coming forward and claiming that the chemotherapy drug Taxotere has left them with permanent hair loss, a serious side effect that the Sanofi did not clearly disclose. Most chemotherapy drugs are apprehended to cause temporary hair fall, with hair growing back soon once the treatment gets over.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case with chemotherapy drug Taxotere. Patients who were prescribed Taxotere had to suffer from Alopecia, a condition that cause permanent hair loss in all parts of the body that might never return.

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Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit – Taxotere Lawyers

Attorneys are filing Taxotere hair loss lawsuits on behalf of Taxotere patients against Sanofi-Aventis, seeking real compensation for pain, suffering and other losses significantly caused by the drug. If you’ve undergone permanent hair loss due to Taxotere, search for a reliable attorney that can recover the compensation on your behalf.

Manufacturer Sanofi, the manufacturer of chemotherapy drug Taxotere is under extreme scrutiny and facing Taxotere lawsuits from patients who allege that the drug caused them to experience from alopecia- the permanent hair loss.

A list of few claims against Sanofi include:

  • Sold the chemotherapy drug without proper testing.
  • Failing to warn doctors as well as patients.
  • Misguiding breast cancer patients through advertisements.
  • Wrongly convincing patients of recovering hair growth.

Many of these accusations are specific to patients in the US, as the drug was sold in other countries with proper warnings about the risk for permanent hair loss. Navigate here to know more regarding Taxotere and permanent hair loss.

Certainly, the impact of hair loss can considerably affect the quality of life, social functioning, confidence and self-esteem of women who have experienced chemotherapy treatment.

Hence, if you or your family member undergone Taxotere chemotherapy treatments and had experienced pain and sufferings, you are advised to consult a Taxotere lawyer.