A Deep Understanding On Prescription Drug

If you are feeling sick or suffering from a prolonged illness, it may be because of the prescribed medications by your doctor for the healing. In the United States, prescription drugs are governed by the FDA i.e. Food and Drug Administration.

According to FDA, in any condition, a prescription medicine is not allowed to be sold in the market until it has been thoroughly examined by the Administration. Sadly, even after that, some medicines like Tasigna have been found to do more harm than good.

Tasigna Lawyer

Tasigna is a drug that is used to cure cancer in patients. But unfortunately, this medicine produced some adverse effects, some of which were life-threatening. Several Tasigna attorneys have been fighting cases on the behalf of their clients to get compensations for their losses.

Why Does This Happen?

There can be several reasons that prescription medicines were not able to perform well, including the increasing competition in the pharmaceuticals industry. As the owners are often in a rush to bring their newest drugs to market, researchers and doctors may skimp while manufacturing and testing their drugs.

Tasigna Lawsuits

This may then bring about unexpected side effects and more dreadful situations. Moreover, illusive marketing practices can cause overuse and over-prescribing of certain drugs. Also, a mistake on the part of the FDA can result in drugs not being properly checked before introducing in the market.

Bad Drugs and the Law

Because of bad drugs, several drug companies are now facing more lawsuits than ever before. For example, there were at least 277 Tasigna lawsuits registered in the courts of the USA between 2005 and 2013.

If you’ve also been a victim of a bad drug, you will require a medical assistance immediately from a doctor. He/she will ask you about your medications, the frequency of taking them and the symptoms which you are facing. After that, you should look for the services of a good personal injury lawyer.