Hostel Etiquettes that you must follow


Your experience in the hostel depends upon how you and your fellow travelers respect the rules. If you and your travelers follow the rules, then you’re surely going to have a rich experience. Therefore, if you’re going to stay in a hostel for the first time, then you must follow some of these rules.

  • Silence is the Key – You must understand that travelers keep going and coming to a hostel which is why it is important to keep the voices down. After 10PM, everybody switches to silent mode and this is nothing to do with your mobile’s silent mode.
  • Keep the Toilet Clean and tell Others as Well –When you use the toilet of your room, you need to keep it clean. When others are using the toilet, you must tell them to do the same as you did earlier.
  • Switch off the Light After Bedtime – Many hostels have kept the rule of lights off after 9 or 10PM which is usually the bedtime. If you’re in your room and require to find an important item then use the flashlight of your mobile. Be human and avoid switching on the light and disturb others sleep.
  • Silence if you’re in a Mood to get intimate – You get to meet many people and there are chances that you may fancy getting intimate with a beautiful woman or a handsome guy. If you wish to have it, then go to the balcony or use the bathroom with very little noise.

These are some of the rules you must follow when you’re staying in some of the best party hostels in Thailand.