How Can I Help My Child Stop Thumb Sucking?

A very common habit among children, thumb sucking can be very difficult to break. Understanding thumb sucking can help you encourage your child to stop the behavior.

But why the children do this? Babies have a natural sucking reflex which can make them put their thumbs in their mouths. You can find so many different ways to stop thumb and finger sucking by using Nipit-the hand stopper or by distracting the child by giving him a stuffed toy to play with.

stop sucking thumb

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And because it makes the baby feel safe, there are people who develop this habit when they go to sleep or try to calm down.

Here are some tips to help you.

1. Limit the time your child sucks his thumb, explain to them that this is just an activity they can do at home and during sleep.

2. Do not confront your child and tell them to stop sucking her thumb directly. Recognize and praise them when they do not do it, not criticize when they are.

3. Discuss with your child sucking their thumb behavior. Tell them that you will be there to help them when they want to stop this habit.

4. Never stop your child from sucking his thumb when they are injured or hurt. Thumb sucking their convenience and prohibit them from doing so only traumatizes them more.

5. The practice of self-awareness, help your child recognize if they suck their thumbs and offer alternative ways to calm them like a stuffed animal or blanket.

6. Think of creative ways to get your child to understand that he had grown up and he had to stop the habit already.