How To Find The Right Child Custody Attorney

Figuring out to which parent should be given custody to the children in a divorce is tough. If you are in a similar situation to this, you would need a reliable attorney that can help you throughout the process. Here are tips that will help you select the right child custody attorney in Collin County for the case.

Ask for recommendations. When finding a lawyer, it is always a good way to start your search by taking to relatives and friends to find out who they can recommend. If you have no relative or friends who have hired a custody lawyer, ask a referral from court clerks or a person who is a state bar association member.

Do your homework. Taking the recommendation of an individual without doing your homework is not enough. After getting the names of potential lawyers, visit the attorney directory of your state or online review sites in order to find out if they are a good fit and their reputation. Reviews are unbiased opinions about lawyers.

Ask questions. When looking for a lawyer to hire, it is important that you ask questions before making your decisions about who should you work with. You want to be able to ask the right questions as this can affect your choices. The questions that needs to be asked are broken down into categories down below.

Background information. You should start by getting information, the experience and legal education of the lawyer. Questions you have to ask includes which school did they attend, the duration of their practice, which professional organizations and bar associations are they a member, the number of cases the same as yours they have handled, etc.

Legal philosophy. Proceed to this once you are satisfied with their answers during the background check. These set of questions helps you understand the approach and style of your lawyer, what is their philosophy when it comes to handling a custody case and their personality and style as a lawyer. Keep in mind that every attorney is different, even the most experienced one might not be right for you.

How they assess your case. After learning the general information, you can now move on to finding out what is their opinion about your case. Questions to ask are, their initial opinion to your case, do they think that you need to undergo into trial, what kind of outcome should you be expecting, etc. This questions gives you a realistic idea on what must be expected moving forward.

Case management. Questions should only be asked when you are thinking about hiring this certain lawyer, and included in these questions is will he be managing the case personally or someone else will. Ask as well if how frequent are the updates be given to you. This gives you information about what to expect from them.

Finally, the cost. You must never forget to ask about their cost. Questions would be, how many times will you be billed, every when is the payment due, are there other expenses and fees to expect, and how much is their estimation to your case. Ask estimates from various lawyers, so you can do a comparison.