Osteopathic Treatment For a Pulled Muscle

Osteopathic treatment is overall body care. The osteopathic doctor believes that healing comes from within. Osteopathic medicine is done by manipulation, stretching, ice, rest, exercise and other similar treatments.

Osteopathic medicine should not be confused with chiropractic medicine or physical therapy. At the first visit to an osteopathic doctor, he will evaluate you to determine exactly where the area of discomfort begins.

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He will then move your body in various ways and if further diagnosis is needed, MRI or x-ray will be prescribed. A medical history will also be discussed and mapped. You must plan a visit for one hour after the initial examination.

Osteopathic treatment of muscle pull can involve ice, rest, and/or manipulation such as strength or pressure in the area of the muscle being drawn.

Other possibilities of treatment for muscle pull may also involve traction, the movement against force in certain directions, thrust movements, or counter strain techniques. It is important to mention here that one should not try or ask people to try these movements on your body.

Only licensed and Osteopathic qualified doctors are trained to do this. Greater injury can occur if someone who is not qualified or not trained tries these same movements and techniques.

Depending on the approach used for your specific injury there may be some muscle pain that develops after an osteopathic session. This is completely normal and expected. If this lasts longer than a few days, you need to consult your osteopathic doctor.