RC Gas Powered Cars Or RC Electric Cars

RC car has gained popularity among kids and teens alike. They enjoyed racing among themselves or even playing alone. Many of them spend much of their free time with their RC cars. Even, some adults do play this RC car as their hobby.

Remote controller and the Cars itself are two essential units of RC car. The radio controller has two sets of control sticks. One stick to control the forward and backward, while the other controls the left and right movements. Mostly, all radio controllers are powered by rechargeable batteries. For the car, some have gas-powered engines installed. You can also buy the cool battery powered cars for kids with parental remote control.

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With the increasing popularity of RC cars, every buyer or user are offered different types of models to suit their tastes. RC cars are differentiated from its body type, models, styles, color schemes, and size. What to look for in choosing a good RC car?

First, which one suits you best? Is it RC gas powered car or RC electric car? Second, determine whether you want an off-road racing or the road-racing model. Then, will it be the non-assembled or the assembled types? Lastly, will it be a car or truck type?

RC Electric cars are powered by electric motors run by rechargeable batteries. They can be brushed or brushless electric motors. This type of RC car is great for beginners as it is considered much easier to work with although the high-end ones can be as complex as the gas powered one.

RC gas powered cars use glow plug engines which are fueled by nitromethane, methanol, and oil. They are also called nitro cars. Latest inclusion is a gasoline engine that uses a mixture of oil and gasoline.

RC gas powered cars or RC electric cars both have their own specialties. It all depends on individual choice and taste. In other words, they both create thrill and excitement for maximum enjoyment.