Small Diet Changes That Go A Long Way

It was three months and 27 pounds ago that I decided to begin my path to health and wellness. My energy levels were at an all time low, I didn’t like the way I felt and I was not happy with how I looked. I decided it was time to change. I began to research countless articles on different diets and exercise programs and I tried several of the more popular choices. I began hiit training, low carb dieting, extended aerobic training and body cleansing. The pounds began to shed but I couldn't help but feel stressed out from not being to eat good food and feeling guilty for any mistakes I made. 

Once I reached a point where I was comfortable in my own skin again I decided that there had to be a way to still lose weight and live a life where I could indulge in things I love. I began tweaking my diet in small ways that cut out excessive and unnecessary items and I began to see a real difference. I had guidance from a personal trainer/nutritionist that informed me of bad habits that I was keeping and simple ways to break them and still enjoy my food. 

My first and worst habit I had to break was getting lost in the sauce. I have always been one to go overboard on ranch, mayonnaise and other salad dressings on my food. This habit still sticks with me but by learning of healthier options it has cut 20 percent of my calorie and fat intake. I began to use greek yogurt ranch which is only 40 calories per serving rather than close to 200. I began only using one piece of bread on my sandwiches instead of two and using a fork and knife to eat it. The taste is exactly the same yet half the carbs and 100 calories less. I completely cut mayonnaise out by discovering some amazing dips such as avocado/tzatziki and adding spicy brown mustard because of their extremely low caloric and fat content, yet potent flavor. I began using avocado on certain foods to get the creaminess I was lacking in certain dishes and getting all of the healthy fats and vitamins they possess. 

Being conscious of these small changes allowed me to still really enjoy the meals I was preparing and took away the stress that came along with dieting. By giving my body everything it needed nutritionally, my cravings began to go away. I began drinking alkaline water to help cleanse my body of stored waste and started supplementing fish oil into my diet to help improve my metabolism. After the last 30 days of dieting I had restored my body to how it once was. I lost 27 pounds and feel better than ever. 

I truly believe that the hardest part of changing your life to become healthier is the initial neglection of the foods and lifestyle you have become accustomed to. Instead of cutting out everything, try changing them around and looking for simple ways to change them. There is no need to punish yourself, instead treat yourself. Treat yourself to a new and better you without sacrificing your happiness.