Supported Rental Scaffolding Safety

Every day construction is around us. In order for buildings to rise, people must go up too. Supported scaffolding is a platform that is supported by a sturdy pile, foot, upright system, poles and frames that allow workers to move more freely when building on the ground. You can select Scaffolding equipment accessories at

The platform is connected by stairs or ramps for easy access. However, this system can be dangerous, which is why OSHA has supported scaffolding safety recommendations for us to follow.

To help encourage safety, all scaffolders must be trained in building and using scaffolding, safe handling of materials, proper placement of scaffolds, and what to do if they fall. To make things safer, a scaffold expert is always on the team with special training in scaffold design and safety regulations. These experts are there to supervise workers and answer whatever questions they might have.

This expert also helps determine whether the soil is stable enough to be built, how much weight can be held including workers and tools, helps flatten and clean the soil before building, and add screw jacks to the scaffold to help keep the scaffolding level while preventing it from sinking into the mud.

When the scaffold is built, it is very important to only use the correct scaffolding material. Items such as cinder blocks or construction equipment must not be used because they can slip or break, causing the scaffold to become dangerous.

All parts must be made by the same manufacturer and must fit snugly without joining or forcing the parts together. Everything must be made of the same material and the softest material used can break if a mixture is used.