The Best Lithium Batteries and Their Features

Lithium batteries are very popular now, and they are definitely releasing good old alkaline batteries for some very good reasons.  This length can sometimes reach 3-5 times the estimated usage time. This article will discuss some of the great features of lithium batteries and why they took over the world of electronic cellular.

For consumer use, the most common incarnation of lithium batteries is that which uses lithium metal as an anode and the cathode is placed in the hands of manganese dioxide. A lithium salt dissolved in batteries in organic solvents. You can navigate to get the best and reliable battery for your device.

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Because of their high energy density, these batteries have found their applications in much longevity, low drainage critical devices for consumers and the medical industry. A good example is that the medical industry has seen great success in diverting their speed makers using lithium batteries.

Small lithium batteries are the best incarnation of this technology because they are able to effectively power devices such as PDAs, watches, calculators, small computers, and remotes that are quite effective for a long time.

High energy density and energy to weight ratio make it an excellent choice to ensure that a device will work for a very long time without worrying about exchanging or continuing to charge the battery.

The most common are small lithium batteries – resembling nothing more than coins, the 3 V varieties consists of lithium and manganese and is about 20 mm in diameter and not thicker than small coins. Not only limited to these small electrical appliances, lithium batteries are also great for drying high-energy devices such as digital cameras, because they can maintain higher voltages for longer periods of time.