Things to Know Before Leaving for Australia


Before you travel to any country whether if it’s a vacation with family, friends or even honeymoon, one must know a few things in advance. Knowing a few things allows tourists to have a great time but also learn a few interesting things. If you’ve decided to travel to Australia with your partner, then these are some of the important things to know.

Be Ready to Experience the Meaning of Huge – There’s no doubt, Australia is seriously one massive and huge country. If you a bus ride to travel to Cairns from Sydney, then the ride takes around 50hours. Therefore, make sure you keep your entertainment ready and charged on your phone, tablet or laptop to beat those long hours.

Be ready to check the Weather – Although Australia’s summer weather has clear blue skies, you still need to check the weather. For instance; Darwin, Kakadu are some of the northern part of Australia that receives rainfall between the months of November and April. While city like Melbourne is even weirder with 4 seasons to experience on the very same day.

Be Ready to Learn a few Dialect –During your time in Australia, you are bound to hear a few local dialects. It is easy to learn some of these.

  • Biccy means a biscuit.
  • For ordering a large glass of beer; if in places like QLD and Victoria it is called as a pint. While in other parts of Australia is called as schooner.

For couples, Australia serves as one of the best beach honeymoon destinations in the world.